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NC09 IS HERE!!!!
Sunday 16 August 2009 @ 21:17 EDT

The long awaited NC09 is upon us! 13 of the most popular nations in TCE will begin to compete for the title of "Greatest TCE Nation(s)". Will your team make it? ...

You may notice several new additions to the NC09 menu located on the left menu of this page. Let me go through them with you:

Prediction League

Like in NC07, any member of the community can participate in NC09 Prediction League!

The purpose of this is to see how well you can predict the outcome of upcoming matches. You get points for guessing the correct winner, score - and even some points for coming close to the score.

The winner will receive a secret surprise I won't disclose at the moment... hehehehe.

Go to (or click on the link on the NC09 menu) and register today to predict Week 1's matches!

You can change/alter your predictions at any time during the week (up until the game day) so sign up today!

Rankings, Schedule & Structure

Due to the Czech Republic dropping out as a result of lack of players (and not notifying anyone on the admin staff of their decision until the day before NC09 began...), teams in Division 1 have been shuffled.

Because of this, the grouping, scheduling and structure of the tournament have been changed slightly.

Click on the corresponding links to see the changes.

Match Submission

The Match Submissions link is entirely for captains or members representing their teams.

Before every Wednesday night, each team playing that week will submit the details of their match using this form. It is imperative that this is done.

To know more about this, read V. Match Play i. Pre Match.

Week 1 Matches

Alright folks, let's get this NC started!

Captains, see which team you are playing against in Week 1 and contact them ASAP to agree on match details (and submit them) before the Wednesday night deadline (if you are having a hard time contacting them, ask an admin for help, or pm them on the forum [all captains have forum accounts]).

The first week of matches as are follows:


Good luck to everyone and let's have an awesome Nations Cup 2009!!

Posted by Diane
Team Terminator

Category: NC09

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