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ImpreZ 2v2 Cup Update
Wednesday 26 March 2008 @ 09:27 EDT

From Scouser...

Hello and welcome to the round 1 and round 2 update. ...

The aim of the ImpreZ tournaments is to keep the TCE community alive by bring you a series of fun and new challenges and hopefully to mess it up a bit.

While the tournaments carry the name ImpreZ without the help and input of our great friends from other clans these cups would not have been anywhere near as fun as they have been.

Special thanks to [TN] Especially TN Merlin and SEF Machine for their additions.


Where very happy to report that all places where filled almost overnight.


The tournaments began on Friday with our live draw via our news room, which saw some most excellent teams playing each other from the get go. The feeling of anticipation was palpable, and at the end delivered some interesting first round draws.

Round One
The first round began in earnest with Delta as the first map, some shock departures (no names Very Happy) due to a lack of practicing 2v2 tactics.
Teams that thought they would sail trough this round found them self?s flowering on the rocks of round one.

Round Two
By the time Round 2 came everyone knew what was at stake, We made Villa2.1 as our mystery map the biggest surprise of round two was how hard some great players found it to get points, we also saw the emergence of some outsiders doing very well in these early stages. A great sign that TCE is alive and Strong.

For information and predictions please visit the 2v2 site.

Posted by Diane
Team Terminator

Category: Community

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