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Congratulations Poland - NC07 Champions!
Sunday 06 January 2008 @ 07:26 EST

Nations Cup
Congratulations to team Poland! After 3 months (and 9 matches) they have rightfully earned the title of "Best TCE Nation in the World" for 2007! :) Way to go!! Congrats also go out to Finland (2nd place), Japan (3rd place) and all of the other 13 teams that competed in this tournament. ...

To view demos, screenshots, etc of the final match (or the infamous exhibition match between Poland & TeamTerminator), visit the Ranking & Results page.

Now, a look back on Nations Cup 2007...

During a time when the future of TCE seemed non-existent, Nations Cup was created. Nations Cup was developed in order to reunite the community and keep them active while they waited for the release of version 0.50.

We weren't sure if the community would welcome - or even participate in - a tournament such as this. To add more to the uncertainty, I (the head admin) was so very out of touch with the community and literally had no idea who 99% of the players were :) Thankfully an old clan mate of mine from Q3 Truecombat, Hobocop, assisted with the creation and selection of the admins & captains.

The organization was basically "recycled" from older Quake 3 TrueCombat leagues. We had previously ran the official leagues there for 3 years and figured it would probably work over here in TCE too. We just needed to change some of the CTF respawn guidelines... hehe :)

With a great crew selected of admins & captains, we announced Nations Cup to the community. We were very shocked and pleased to see the positive reaction it got. A lot of inactive clans/people returned for this - and it helped unite many nations. I know a lot of friendships were formed too (and all of that sappy/mushy stuff ;)

The final match brought in over 150 spectators on ETTV. I'm not sure what the exact number was - but '150' was the most on at a single time. Why were over 150 people spending their weekend spectating a video game? Because of the very anticipated match between powerhouse nations Poland and Finland! To many, Poland seemed like the underdog because they had previously lost to Finland a few weeks earlier. But to spite everyone, they plowed through Finland's line of defense and won 15-5!

Although our first official cup was not perfect, it did run smoother than expected. I'd like to personally thank everyone who participated in this event... from TeamTerminator members, server & ETTV admins, NC admins, people from the community who offered input, suggestions & ideas, spectators on ETTV, Prediction League participants (btw congrats DarioS!), NC players, etc - without you this wouldn't have been a success :) So thank you!!!

Many people had previously asked if we would do a NC08 - or even a clan tournament - but my answer was always the same: "We will see how NC07 turns out first..." Well, I'm glad to say I was very impressed as a whole with how NC07 turned out and because of this, we hope to organize an official clan tournament after the release of TCE 0.50.

And when will 0.50 come out? To quote my favourite IRC bot's name... "WhenItsDone". :P Just kidding. SOON(ish)! :)

Posted by Diane
Team Terminator

Category: Nations Cup

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