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Nations Cup Begins!
Monday 01 October 2007 @ 10:17 EDT

Nations Cup
It has begun! Nations Cup 2007 has officially started! Who is the greatest TCE nation? Does your country have what it takes to dominate the world in TCE? Let's wait and see! ...

Many teams have been spending the previous 3 weeks preparing and training for this event. From some accounts, this preparation has brought together some communities and made inactive clans active again! It's great to see such spirit from this community! Keep it up! :)

Not playing in the tournament and feel like you are missing out? You can still be a very important part of Nations Cup while cheering for your favourite nation(s). See what we have in store for you...

Head on over to the NC Prediction League. This "League" is a place where you can predict the outcomes of the week's matches - and compete with other members of the community - all at the same time! It's easy to register, so do it! :) When you log in, the PL site will ask for your prediction. We are predicting rounds (20-0 being an ultimate victory). But hurry... there is a deadline for submitting your predictions - so join today to cast your opinion on who will be victorious in Week 1! :)

Want to see your nation demolish their opponent? Want to see a nation you don't like get destroyed? Well, you're in luck! Every Sunday night of the tournament, we will host the previous week's demos on the Results & Ranking page. Sit back, grab a beer (or cola for you youngin's) and watch the action :)

Have an extra server laying around? Sponsor the Nations Cup by letting us use it for our official matches! Unfortunately, we are short and still need to find a few more servers. :( Interested? Contact Bully via forum for further details on how you can help the Nations Cup out.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful members of the community for their help/enthusiasm/suggestions regarding Nations Cup. Thanks! :)

Lastly, every week if there is important team/player news, we will post the information on the Nations Cup home page. Go look! :)

Posted by Diane
Team Terminator

Category: Nations Cup

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