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Sunday 11 February 2007 @ 06:15 EST

As most of you have probably noticed things have slowed down recently and I'd like to let you know that we are still alive here at That real life things seems to be getting in the way! ...

In relation to this I am looking to see if there are any of our community out there who are willing to help with the forums. Unfortunately due to most of the team being busy the forum has become a jungle and a myriad of some weird and wonderful posts, I'd like to see this get back on track with some community spirit and help.

More specifically if you have a talent for mapping, modelling, server setup, or maybe some OS specific qualities and would like to donate your time and skill please use the contact form to contact me with a little about yourself and your skill. Or if you just want to lend a hand and curb the spam bots etc in their tracks.

I have to own up to something too. Due to the ever increasing spam bot problem on the forum I switched on Admin approval and after 2 weeks of just about being able to check and authorise each account manually (yes that meant checking your websites, email address and IM names) I lost the battle and have a huge inbox full of requests. So what I am proposing is to change it back to User Activation and those of you who have created an account but not had it activated in the past two weeks re-create your account. I will drop all users who have not not been activated in the past 2 weeks so you can still use your original signup login. Hopefully with some help from you guys and gals we'll be ok.
One last thing, again related to help. I know there is vast wealth of knowledge in our community and many have seen almost every error message ET and TCE can throw, I was wondering if there were any of you out there willing to lend a hand in a few projects. Things like a TC:E manual, wiki, map repository website just to mention a few things. I know for example many would welcome the opportunity to have a place where a mapper can showcase their maps or know how to use the "unofficial" bots within TCE.

If you would like to help, again please use the contact form get in touch.

I think I have warn your eyes out this this essay.

Regards LordOfKao$

Posted by Diane
Team Terminator

Category: Website

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