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TC:E 049b has been pulled
Monday 25 December 2006 @ 17:31 EST

Apologies but he recently released 0.49b version of TC:E has been pulled. ...

Due to a breakdown in communication a shader file for a future release of Delta was included which should not have been. This unfortunately has caused some unexpected results in the form of the skybox and grass shaders in Delta not work properly.

If you have 0.49b, please do not worry this is just a minor bug but but we feel it is better to stop it early and get a hot fix in the next couple of days. Unfortunately you will not be able to play on 0.49 servers.

If you do not have 0.49b then please continue to wait several more days until the cumulative update for 0.49 and 0.49b will be released.

Again we apologies for this error and feel it is best stop the spread of the erroneous update.

Regards LordOfKao$

Posted by Diane
Team Terminator

Category: Website

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