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A Brief Update
Monday 17 April 2006 @ 17:54 EDT

Will version .49 ever be released? Is TCE dead? Will Duke Nukem Forever be out before TCE .49 gets released?

To answer simply: yes, no and gawd no! ...

Recently, the community has been in a heated debate regarding the above questions. Be assured that TCE is thriving more than ever and that although delayed, version .49 is coming soon and will not disappoint!

The last version of TCE (version .48) was released in March 2005. Yes, it's been a year already. You may have asked yourself the following questions: Why not just make a few small bug fixes along the way? Why is this release taking so long?

TCE is our passion and our hobby. During the development, we've unearthed a way for our maps to contain realistic lighting and textures (ie. texture tone mapping) - disproving the myth that any game made on the Enemy Territory engine must look prehistoric.

At the end of 2005, we decided to include 3 separate minimods (Objective, Bodycount & Capture the Flag) to enhance the player's gaming experience; without compromising any of the other gamemodes.

Giddy with the new content and design additions, the development team became engrossed incorporating them into the game. Our aim was to release .49 with the above mentioned additions. Since some of the work had already been done, we decided to include these features in version .49 (instead of waiting to release them in version .50).

We understand that our community's patience has been wearing thin, but once the day arrives when the news page announces "49 Released!", we guarantee you will agree it has been worth the wait!

The current status on TCE is as follows: we have been working on Release Candidate #2 (RC2) since the end of March. The team is hard at work tweaking details to produce the best looking game imaginable on the Enemy Territory engine (not to mention fun, too!)

As it's been so long since we've had a true update, the following is a refresher on what is to come:

- Realistic scaling
- Letterbox & widescreen modes
- Mac version!!
- Free climb
- New gametypes
- Bug fixes
- So much more...

In the weeks prior to .49's release, we intend to update more frequently with eye candy and content. To start it off, we'll post some in-game screenshots (Yes, no more map shots! I know you were thinking that) over the next 2 weeks.

The shots below were taken while testing RC1 and include third person action/static shots.

More 3rd person shots at the end of this week! Look for 1st person in-game screens next week! ;)

If there are any shots/content you'd like featured in the news prior to .49's release, please email your ideas, comments and suggestions to

Special thanks to the beta team!

G6/TeamTerminator Development Team

Posted by Diane
Team Terminator

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