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Thursday 14 September 2006 @ 11:17 EDT

Dev Blog
According to Coroner's latest entry, the release of .49 may be sooner than you all think.

Read below... ...

Well, sloppy coding style doesn't pay out, particularly not when one attempts to do cross-platform compiles.

Tier and me spent yesterday evening tracking a Mac releated issue in some of the rewritten official server routines which ran fine on Win32. Anyway, when Tier grabbed the final code for the mac compile from the SVN repository I did the big step and, uuuuuhhhh, erased the 'RC3' increased the version number and with trembling fingers tagged it '0.490 PUB'.

Note, this doesn't mean that 0.49 (Hardballer release) is gold, but if no crash bug occurs (wasnt the case in the last month) and if I didn't break something with the fixes I did, we are very very close.

Currently my machine is recompiling stadtrand and delta, I have to fix some stuff in the credits. If current code is stable...

Posted by Diane
Team Terminator

Category: Dev Blog

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