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Wednesday 30 August 2006 @ 04:02 EDT

Dev Blog
If you are a frequent visitor to and (now known as, you might have noticed our Developer Blogs section.

In an attempt to bring the team and the community closer, we have decided to follow other mod's examples and host our own team blog. ...

These are hosted on the newly revamped, but you can reach them via links on as well. If anything game related is posted that is of great interest to the community, we will post it on our news as well for those who don't have the time to check them regularly.

To start things off, below in the full story is a little something Coroner wrote regarding weapon ballistics.

On ballistics in games:

Some people claim that TC does not offer a ballistic bullet system because it lags a simulation of bullet drop. While this argument seems plausible, I'd like to explain that there is a bit more to a ballistic bullet system than bullet drop.

For TC's ballistic simulation system the following list of features was considered during game design:

1. To-scale maps/locations [implemented]
2. Barrel/caliber dependent accuracy [implemented]
3. Material/caliber dependent penetration [implemented]
4. Material/caliber dependent rics [planned]
5. Ballistic bullet trajectory [possible]
6. Ballistic travel time [not considered]

The six items appear in the order of importance for a reasonable approximation of reality within the limits of a game engine.

It is obvious that TC currently offers the three most important features. An implementation of ricochets similar to Q3TC's system would be next on the list.

The least important features on the list are a ballistic bullet trajectory (aka bullet drop) and consideration of bullet travel time.

One reason why a ballistic trajectory and travel time are relatively low on the priority list is related to the engagement distances usually seen in TC.

Since TC is a close quarters battle (CQB) game, 95% of typical fire fights invoke distances of less than 25 meters. In the worst case of a subsonic bullet fired from a suppressed weapon, a bullet drop of about 8 cm would be observed at 25m distance. For a main battle field rifle, like the M16, the bullet drop is completely negligible in CQB.

If we assume that a subsonic bullet makes up 20% of the bullets fired in TC, the current ballistic system is a very good approximation for 99% of the shots fired. Nevertheless, it is possible (at expense of CPU load) to approximate a bullet trajectory for large distances and slow bullets. This feature
might make it into the game after rics are implemented.

Ballistic travel time is currently not considered since lag/ping effects are much more severe.

Posted by Diane
Team Terminator

Category: Dev Blog

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