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Lamer Kick Vote
Wednesday 19 July 2006 @ 11:40 EDT

Official News
Some progress of the stuff Coroner is working on for the upcoming release regarding spawn camping and team killing.

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I am currently addressing issues related to spawn camping and team killing.
Among dozens of possible solutions I came across a server side statistic of how well a player behaves in a rules of engagement (ROE) sense, let's call it the player's ROE rating. A measure like this would be handy anyway since it reveals how good a player is in addition to the damage ratio. Each player that enters a server would get a persistent (across rounds and maps) ROE rating. We grant him a 100% in the beginning assuming he behaves well. As applied team damage and team kills increase in relation to opponent damage, the ROE rating drops. ROE rating also drops for spawn kill attempts, damage applied in the spawnzone and so on.
In future there could be other measures like guarding team mates, guarding bomb carrier, do the objective that are positive for ROE rating.
ROE rating could be slowly increasing again if no violations are detected for some time, which means we are forgiving.

A low ROE rating could have the following consequences for the player:

outing yourself as lamer in the scoreboard (should be bad enough)
possibility to get kicked by a new ROE kick vote (aka lamer kick, the lower the ROE is, the less players need to agree to kick the lamer)
server side auto kick for low ROE values
instant kick of low ROE players by filed complaint (spawn camp complaints could be added)
possibility to get penalties like individually increased spawn-protection time for the opposing team (only effective for low ROE rated players)
reflected damage for team damage
limitation to lowest AA and so forth.

Comments are welcome.


Posted by Diane
Team Terminator

Category: Official News

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