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Spawning Fixed? CQB 0.222 Patch Released!
Sunday 10 April 2011 @ 13:24 EDT

Close Quarters Battle
Coroner has been hard at work rectifying the spawn issue. The result? A nice new patch for you all to play with. Read what's changed below. ...

Alpha 0.222 4/10/2011:
  • Finally fixed spawn point selection
  • Improved body removal
  • Fixed edge of blood screen shader visible at wide fov setting
  • Added first person death animation and effect (no more jumping to third person after death)
  • Increased more sprint bobbing
  • Increased footstep noise during sprint by 3 dB
  • Slightly lowered weapon sounds to avoid clipping
  • Increased bullet flyby and body impact sounds
  • Improved handling of audio events, fire sounds are now transmitted to clients independent of PVS

As with the last patch, you only need 0.22 to run this - so let this overwrite your files!

Download the CQB Alpha 0.222 patch now!!!!!


Posted by Diane
Team Terminator

Category: Close Quarters Battle

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