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CQB 0.221 Patch! Download Now!
Thursday 07 April 2011 @ 14:05 EDT

Close Quarters Battle
You spoke - we listened! Due to the overwhelming feedback to some errors (and just some things to tweak), Coroner has quickly pumped out a new CQB 0.221 alpha patch! ...

Included in this patch:
  • Fixed random spawn point selection, now select spawnpoint farthest from all enemies
  • Shotguns no longer clear lean ability
  • Fixed erratic overly fast sprint (about 29% too fast), now it is TCE 049b sprinting speed (between Arma2 and Insurgency)
  • Increased sprint acceleration
  • Increased standard (run) speed by 10% (now comparable to Americas Army 3)
  • Fixed shared ammo between Uzi and Glock
  • Fixed lighting origin for first person gun
  • Changed reference aspect ratio for fov to 16:10 resulting in larger fov's for 4:3 mode
  • Added ability to moderately adjust fov (cg_fovMode 0, 1, 2): 70, 75 (default), 80 @16:10 (requires respawn to take effect)
  • Added fov adjustment to UI
  • Removed some references to TC:Elite from UI
  • Fixed dead client issues with team name display and compass
  • Removed bendable ability and enabled leaning for all players
  • Removed high-grade ammo and pain killer without replacement
  • Tweaked PPMM turning speeds for more consistency, now always 480 degs/sec (120 for prone) in the frontal +- 60 degs
  • Increased PPMM turning speed by 10%, 7% for crouch, unchanged for prone
  • Fixed missing world models and/or skins for SPAS 12, M3S90, SG-552+Eotech, Glock 18

With this patch, you no longer need the hotfix (the hotfix is included in 0.221) so all you need to run this is CQB 0.22 (and ET of course)

Download this patch now!!!!!


Posted by Diane
Team Terminator

Category: Close Quarters Battle

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