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Things have been pretty quiet and dead on the official/developmental side of TC/E for quite a while now. ...
Full Story|        31 Jan 17 @ 17:01        |176 views
TrueCombat:EliteTCE Has Been Greenlit!
Today we received the awesome news that TrueCombat:Elite has been Greenlit on Steam! ...
Full Story|        03 Apr 14 @ 18:20        |11475 views
Q3 TrueCombatQ3TC .45 & 1.0 Maps Added to Map Depot!
This is for all the Q3TC aficionados out there: We have added 3rd party maps from versions 0.45 and 1.0 to the Map Depot! ...
Full Story|        15 Nov 13 @ 12:10        |10184 views
Close Quarters BattleCould CQB Be Making a Comeback?
Could CQB be like a phoenix, obtaining new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor? Possibly. If you have been reading the forums you would know that Coroner ...
Full Story|        30 Oct 13 @ 20:21        |11521 views
MW:TrueCombatMWTC 0221 Patch - Download Now!
You spoke - we listened! Several quick fixes have been made by Coroner to the MWTC Alpha. ...
Full Story|        23 Feb 13 @ 10:44        |184381 views
MW:TrueCombatDownload the MWTC Public Alpha NOW!
Expecting some mushy card, flowers or chocolates today? Pfft, please. How about some grenades, rifles and a multiplayer frag fest? The public alpha for MWTC has now been released! ...
Full Story|        14 Feb 13 @ 14:14        |150528 views
MW:TrueCombatMWTC Public Alpha Release Tomorrow!
Drum roll please... We will be releasing the MWTC Public Alpha 022 on February 14th at 19:00 GMT!!! ...
Full Story|        13 Feb 13 @ 10:08        |139544 views
MW:TrueCombatMWTC Public Alpha Release - February 14th!!
The dreaded day of love, cards and flowers is upon us next week. No girl(boy)friend? No plans? No problem!

The anticipated public alpha of MWTC will be released ...
Full Story|        05 Feb 13 @ 08:33        |215120 views
Dev BlogMWTC Alpha Release Discussion
Things have been quiet on the forums regarding the development of MWTC. But quiet does not always mean dead. ...
Full Story|        20 Jan 13 @ 14:20        |131925 views

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